Praxis Dr. Mauch

internistische Hausarztpraxis in Jena

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Liste meiner Publikationen:

A.Malich,T.Fritsch,C.Mauch,H.J.Mentzel,M.Fleck,W.AKaiser:Electrical impedance scanning (EIS):A new technique for increased differentiation of sonographically suspicious lymph nodes.European Congress of Radiology 2000. EUR Radiol.,2000;, S1 to 10: 478

A.Malich,T.Fritsch,C.Mauch,T.Boehm, M.Freesmeyer, M.Fleck,R.Anderson,W.A.Kaiser:Electrical impedance Scanning:A new technique in the diagnosis of lymph nodes in which malignancy is suspected on ultrasound.Brit.J.Radiol.,2001;74:42-47

A.Malich,C.Mauch,A.Kott,D.Heinrich,M.Facius,M.Fressmeyer:Accurancy of various sonografic features and electrical permittivity in the discrimination of lymph nodes at several localizations.ECR 2008 accepted

Single institution experience in the treatment of primary central nervous system lymphoma in immunocompetenf patients. S. Liesenfeld (Jena), C. Mauch (Jena), T. Wendt (Jena), 2001


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